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Canada is famous for many things. In fact, maple syrup, Mounties, and moose are probably some of the first things that come to mind. However, Canada is also famous for several ground-breaking Canadian citizens who made huge contributions in medical care, athletics, technology, and more. Whether they’re raising awareness about environmental concerns or breaking long-standing records, these Canadians are inspiring future generations the world over.

Read on to learn about three great Canadians your child will learn about at language camp in Canada.

1. Students in Language Camp Will Learn About Terry Fox and His Inspiring Marathon

Terry Fox is a true Canadian hero. He embodied what it meant and means to be Canadian, including showing immense perseverance, strength, and dedication to improving the lives of others. Only months before his 20th birthday, Terry Fox was diagnosed with cancer and had his leg amputated. After learning how little funding cancer research received, Terry Fox wanted to raise money for the cause. He decided to run across Canada to raise awareness, which students in English summer camp will learn is a very long distance.

Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope helped raise funds for cancer research

Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope helped raise funds for cancer research

Terry managed to raise nearly two million dollars during his Marathon of Hope. However, his journey came to an end before he could complete his marathon. After being forced to stop his run when the cancer spread to his lungs, Terry Fox passed away within the following year. He remains a true Canadian hero, and every September Canadians across the country run and raise money in his memory. Today, over 650 million dollars has been raised in honour of Terry Fox.

2. Students in Language Camp Will Learn About David Suzuki’s Environmental Efforts

David Suzuki is one of Canada’s most famous figures. He is a leading academic, advocator for the environment, and TV personality. Suzuki is famous around the world for his efforts to raise awareness about the environment and climate change. He has lead many initiatives and continues to raise money for environmental causes through his foundation, the David Suzuki Foundation.

David Suzuki has worked hard to preserve Canada’s beautiful environment

David Suzuki has worked hard to preserve Canada’s beautiful environment

Suzuki’s efforts in raising awareness about the world’s environmental challenges have arguably changed the way the world views climate change. Because of David Suzuki and other environmental activists’ hard work, your teenager will get to experience Canada’s beautiful, clean environment when attending language camp.

3. Students in Language Camp Will Learn About Canada’s Hockey Hero: Wayne Gretzky

Gathering around the TV to watch hockey or heading over to the local ice rink for a game is a long-standing Canadian tradition. While Canada has produced some of the sport’s top players over the years, one of our most iconic hockey players is Wayne Gretzky.

Gretzky played 20 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL), and by the time he retired he had managed to break 61 NHL records! Perhaps what’s most impressive about Gretzky is how he’s inspired children around the world to follow their dreams. After all, Gretzky learned how to play hockey at a makeshift backyard ice rink. To continue his legacy, he founded the Wayne Gretzky Foundation which helps Canadian youth play hockey. Needless to say, Gretzky is another true Canadian hero.

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english summer classes in Ottawa

When you think about the benefits of language camp—making friends, learning a new language, and having fun—there are a standard few that will usually come to mind. While these are all great reasons for your child to attend summer ESL camp, there are many unexpected benefits that your child will also receive. Attending ESL camp in another country is truly a transformative experience for teens, and it’ll impact their lives for years to come!

Read on to learn about three surprising benefits that come with attending language camp in Canada!

1. Students Learn Adaptability and Resiliency While at Language Summer Camp

Stepping into a brand new country is quite the experience for young teenagers. For many students, attending English summer school in Canada will be their first time away from home and their parents. At summer camp, students learn to adapt to their new surroundings as they make new friends from all over the world. This process teaches students valuable lessons about adaptability and resiliency, which they will carry with them throughout their entire lives.

Students learn what it’s like to be pushed out of their comfort zone, as well as how rewarding that experience can be. Not only do our students adapt to their surroundings, they thrive! New friends and camp personnel are always available to help your teen feel welcomed and comfortable in their new surroundings. And when they return home, they will be ready to take on whatever new challenges they’ll encounter next!

2. Students Learn About Other Cultures During Language Summer Camp

In today’s globalized world, understanding and respecting other cultures isn’t just an asset—it’s essential. For students who want to discover the history, language, and culture of another country, few opportunities compare to attending language summer camp.

However, what some students might find surprising is that they won’t just learn about Canada’s culture. Surrounded by other students from all over the world, teenagers at Destination Canada get to learn about many different cultures while they attend language summer camp. Your child will quickly become friends with other students from a variety of different places, and learn about their country and customs as well. This inside look at how other students live their lives is a valuable cultural experience for teens and provides them with a greater sense of how diverse our world is.

3. Students Benefit from Great Role Models During Language Summer Camp

Role models are extremely valuable to teens. Studies have shown that youth who have role models that they personally interact with perform better academically and also benefit from higher levels of self-esteem. At Destination Canada, each one of our friendly instructors has a university-level education. We handpick the best candidates because we know great camp instructors and personnel can make all the difference in your teen’s experience.

Our experienced and passionate instructors also offer plenty of support and encouragement. They will encourage your teen to do their best this summer, helping them realize their full potential!

language summer camp

Our camp personnel are friendly and eager to help students succeed

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international language program in Canada

Attending language camp is fun! While students do spend time in a classroom developing their English skills, they also spend plenty of time outside exploring and learning new things. Each weekend students get to go on included excursions to interesting attractions, destinations, and sites around Ottawa. These excursions are an excellent opportunity for students to practice their English skills with native speakers and learn more about Canada’s unique culture.

Want to learn more about Destination Canada’s weekend excursions? Read on to learn about exciting activities your child will participate in this summer at language camp!

Students in English Summer Camp Will Go on a Weekend Excursion in Ottawa

The first weekend that students spend at English language summer camp gives them the chance to explore Canada’s beautiful capital city. The weekend starts off with a fun Ottawa city tour. During the walking tour, students will see famous sites like the Canadian Parliament Buildings, Byward Market, and the historic Rideau Canal.

The next day students will visit the Canadian Museum of Nature and learn more about Canada’s natural history. The fun doesn’t stop there. Students will get to see insects, mammals that roam Canada’s landscape, dinosaur fossils, and more during a fun-filled day at the museum.

Students in English Language Summer Camp Will See Canadian Wildlife and More!

The excursion during the second weekend of English summer school is very exciting! Students get to travel about an hour outside of Ottawa to a town called Montebello in Canada’s French-speaking province of Quebec. While on the bus, students get the unique opportunity to see real Canadian animals in the wild. Your teenager could catch a glimpse of moose, deer, bears, wolves, and even the famous Canadian beaver.

english language summer camp

Students get to see Canadian animals in the wild

The next day, students travel back in time to Canada’s earliest years at Upper Canada Village. Upper Canada Village is a living museum that shows what Canada was like 130 years ago. Actors in costume show students what daily life was like in rural Canada in the 1860s. Students will explore an old-fashioned bakery, cheese factory, blacksmith, and other heritage buildings!

Students in English Summer Camp Can Go on an Excursion to Montreal

Students who are enrolled in the three or four-week language camp will go on an exciting excursion during their third weekend. Montreal, one of Canada’s largest and most vibrant cities, is the perfect destination for students looking to experience authentic Canadian culture. Students tour the city on a motor coach and walk the streets of Old Montreal, which are paved with old cobblestones.

The next day students visit Ottawa’s fascinating Museum of Canadian History and learn more about how the country of Canada came to be. Students may learn about Canada’s First Nations people, hockey, and more!

Students in English Language Summer Camp Can Go on a Shopping and Eco-Odyssey Excursion

Students who are enrolled in the four-week program at Destination Canada will get to explore Ottawa one more time before returning home! During their fourth weekend in Canada, students spend the first day exploring Ottawa by foot. They can get up close to the Parliament Buildings, stroll between the stalls at Byward Market, and visit the Rideau Centre, Ottawa’s luxury shopping mall.

The next day students can look forward to immersing themselves in nature. They will travel to the beautiful Eco-Odyssey maze, located about an hour from Ottawa. Under the supervision of camp leaders and alongside their new friends, students take paddle boats through winding rivers and creeks. They may even spot some more famous Canadian wildlife!

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language summer camp in Canada

Every year, more than 1.2 million people visit the Canadian Museum of History. Among those visitors are dozens of students attending language camp at Destination Canada. Every year our students enjoy visiting the museum, exploring its exciting exhibits, and learning new things about Canada. If you’re considering enrolling your child in language camp this summer, they will even get the chance to explore a brand new exhibit about Canada’s history that is opening on July 1st!

Read on to find out more about why students love to visit the Canadian Museum of History.

1. Students in Summer ESL Courses Love the Museum for all Its Fun Exhibits

The Canadian Museum of History is Canada’s most visited museum for a reason; it always has plenty of unique exhibits waiting to be explored. The museum has five regular exhibitions including the First Peoples Hall, Canadian Stamp Collection, Prehistory, and the Grand Hall. That’s not all, though. In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday this summer, the museum is opening a brand new exhibition called the Canadian History Hall. Students enrolled in summer ESL courses can look forward to learning about Canada’s unique history while they visit this brand new exhibition!

In addition to the permanent exhibitions at the museum, there are also several special exhibits that your teen will be able to visit. For example, the hockey exhibit features an extensive collection of historic hockey memorabilia. Students will also have the opportunity to explore exhibits about gold mining and horse-drawn carriages. One thing is for sure, students are never bored as they tour the museum’s expansive 25,000 square meters of fascinating exhibits!

2. Students in Summer ESL Courses Enjoy Learning About Canada’s First Peoples

One of the reasons students at language summer camp in Canada love visiting the museum is to learn more about the country’s heritage. Canada’s First Peoples, which include First Nations, Métis, and Inuit, have lived on Canadian soil for thousands of years. They are an important part of Canada’s history and national identity. The museum’s First Peoples Hall has over 2,000 artifacts and objects, documents, and pictures that demonstrate the unique culture of Canada’s First Peoples. Your child will get to see amazing artifacts like tools, arrows, and clothing. It’s a must-see exhibit when visiting the Canadian Museum of History.

summer esl courses

Students at Destination Canada can discover fascinating artifacts at the museum

3. Students Love Practicing English with their New Friends at the Museum

Students love visiting the Canadian History museum because it’s a chance to interact with native English speakers and put their English skills to the test. It’s also a valuable opportunity for students to expand their vocabulary as they encounter words and phrases they haven’t seen before as they learn about 20,000 years of human history.

The museum is not the only opportunity at language camp where students can practice English in a fun setting. While at camp, students participate in many activates—from eco odysseys to scenic city tours and more—that will allow them to practice their English skills with their friends from around the globe!

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There are many places around the world to go for English summer school programs that can help you learn the language quickly.

With its peaceful environment, rich heritage, vibrant culture and openness to the world, the capital of Ottawa stands apart as an exceptional choice. It is an especially appealing destination for teenagers who wish to learn the language, as it offers a wide range of leisure activities that can help make their summer vacation memorable.

Take a look at the infographic below to see why Ottawa is the place to go for language camp.


Ottawa: The Place to go to Learn English

Ranked #1 university city by students

Ottawa by the numbers

  • 5 major historical sites
  • More than 15 theaters and cinemas
  • 17 museums
  • 14 large parks
  • 4 art galleries

The most popular attractions for young people

  • Parliament Hill
  • The Rideau Canal (UNESCO Heritage Site)
  • The Omega Park
  • The National Gallery of Canada
  • Calypso Water Park
  • Canada Aviation and Space Museum
  • Upper Canada Village
  • And more !

Things to know about Ottawa

  • Has one of the lowest costs of living of Canada’s major cities
  • Named best place to live in Canada by MoneySense Magazine
  • 44% of the population is bilingual
  • Renowned for its multiculturalism
  • Welcomes 10,000 new international students each year
  • Ottawa is known for being a green city
  • Has most university-educated residents in Canada

What our students think

 “I met wonderful friends from many different countries. Throughout my time at the camp, I learned a great deal about Canadian history and geography, English grammar and vocabulary and was presented with new challenges and responsibilities that allowed me to grow as a better human being.”
– Maria, Colombia

“The best thing about the program is the diversity of the student population. The students come from all over the world and it is great to learn about their way of life and culture. I also really enjoyed learning about Canada and its customs and traditions. I definitely improved my English while at Destination Canada.”

 – Katrine, Denmark

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esl summer program in Canada

Canada is known for being a diverse, beautiful, and safe destination, which is why millions of people from around the world visit the country every year. In fact, in 2016, as many as 20 million people travelled to Canada. This year will be even more exciting than usual, because Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday! From coast to coast, exciting events and activities will be held in order to commemorate this important milestone. With Canada’s birthday in mind, it’s a great time to reflect back on Canada’s past and look at just how much has changed since the country was born back in 1867.

Here’s a closer look at just three changes that have occurred, which your child will learn about at English summer camp.

1. During English Summer Classes, Your Child Will Learn that Multiculturalism Has Flourished

Canada is known around the world for being an extremely multicultural country. Canada’s culture has a reputation for embracing and welcoming people from all different nationalities, religions, and backgrounds. However, while immigration has been an important part of Canada’s history for a long time, Canada’s population wasn’t always as diverse as it is today. In 1871, just shortly after Canada was founded, over 80 per cent of Canadians who were born in other countries were from the British Isles. As of 2011, 140 years later, that number has shrunk to below 10 per cent.

Today Canada is very diverse, with over 13 different cultures now making up approximately 80 per cent of foreign-born Canadians. In fact, since 1971 multiculturalism has been an official government policy. This inclusive and welcoming stance is part of what makes Canada the perfect destination for your child to study English in Ottawa.

2. Canada’s Borders in 1867 Were Very Different Than They Are Today

Canada’s borders back in 1867 looked very different from how they do today. Back then, The Dominion of Canada only had three provinces, while today the country has a total of ten provinces and three territories. All three of Canada’s provinces in 1867 were located in the east of Canada. Today, Canada’s borders spread from the Atlantic Ocean in the East all the way to the Pacific Ocean in the West.

The three original provinces were New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada, which was split into two sections now known as Ontario and Quebec. Ontario is now the home of Canada’s national capital, Ottawa, and Destination Canada’s English summer classes.

study English in Ottawa

Canada’s borders and provinces have changed significantly since 1867

3. During English Summer Classes, Your Child Will Learn that the National Anthem Has Changed

The Canadian National Anthem hasn’t always been what it is today, and it wasn’t until June 27th in 1980 that O Canada was officially recognized as the country’s national anthem.

Canada’s anthem, also known as O Canada, was performed for the very first time a hundred years earlier in 1880. However, it underwent several changes before it officially became the national anthem. The song was originally referred to as the Chant National and was written completely in French. Unfortunately, the original document with the lyrics cannot be found. The French lyrics to O Canada are believed to have stayed the same. However, the English lyrics to the anthem have changed several times, going through different versions such as the Richardson Version, the McCulloch Version, and the Weir Version before becoming the anthem your child will hear at summer camp.

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english learning for kids in Ottawa

Known for its beauty, Canada is a safe, affordable, and fun destination for teens to learn English. It’s also an incredibly diverse and interesting country, offering plenty of fascinating facts for your child to learn. Whether they’re enjoying an afternoon at the beach, exploring one of Canada’s thriving cities, or discovering some of Canada’s beautiful natural habitats, your child will have plenty of opportunity to learn about and discover Canada’s geography while they study English.

Here are just four facts about Canada’s geography your child will learn at language camp.

1. Students in Language Camp Will Learn that Canada Has an Incredibly Long Shoreline

Canada is bordered by three major oceans: the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Arctic Ocean. As a result, Canada has a lot of shoreline. In fact, Canada’s shoreline is the longest out of any country in the entire world! Canada has 243,000 kilometres of coastline waiting to be explored. However, if you were to walk at a speed of 20 kilometres per day, it would take you 33 years to walk along all of the beautiful shoreline that Canada has to offer!

2. Students in Language Camp Will Learn that Canada Is the Second Largest Country

Although Canada’s population is relatively small, its land area is quite large. In fact, Canada is the second largest country in the entire world. The only country with more land than Canada is Russia. Although Canada is bigger than the United States, it only has one ninth of its total population. On top of that, most Canadians, about 75 per cent, live within 161 kilometres of the border. As a result of Canada’s low population and its tendency to stay near the south of the country, most of its nature is untouched.

Although students attending language camp in Ottawa won’t get the chance to explore all of Canada, they will have the chance to explore several of Canada’s most interesting cities such as Ottawa and Montreal. Students can also take part in our optional weekend tour to Toronto, giving them the opportunity to explore Canada’s biggest city.

3. Students in English Summer Classes Will Learn that Canada’s Climate Varies a Lot

Despite Canada’s reputation for being cold and snowy, the climate actually varies tremendously from province to province and coast to coast. In the north, Canada is much like how most people picture it—cold and snowy most of the year. However, southern areas of Canada’s provinces experience hot summers, and beautiful fall and spring weather. In addition, some major Canadian cities on the West Coast, like Vancouver, almost never see snow in the winters.

english summer classes

Students enjoy Canada’s beautiful summers by participating in outdoor activities

If your child is attending English summer classes in Ottawa, they can look forward to enjoying the warm summers by participating in tons of fun outdoors activities like swimming, canoeing, and beach volleyball—among many different activities.

4. Students in English Summer Classes Will Learn that Canada Has Many Lakes

Not only does Canada have the most shoreline in the world, it also has the most lake area too. Canada has nearly 31,752 lakes that are each larger than three square kilometres.

That’s not the only impressive figure about Canada’s lakes and geography. In fact, Canada’s famous Great Lakes, which are located on the border that Canada shares with the United States, are responsible for housing approximately 18 per cent of the entire world’s fresh water! It’s no wonder that Canada’s outdoors are beloved by many, and make the perfect destination for any child looking for a fun summer experience.

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Do you want to attend a fun camp, learn English, and make new friends from all over the world this summer? Canada’s capital city of Ottawa is the place to do just that! Ottawa is full of interesting things to do, fun sites to see, and includes plenty of opportunities to learn English as a second language.

Although many people think of Canada as cold all year round, Ottawa has warm summers that are perfect for getting outside and having fun. English summer camp is the perfect opportunity to try new activities and practice a new language while you’re doing them! In fact, Lonely Planet just named Canada the top country to visit in 2017.

Here are five fun activities you can try while practicing English during ESL camp in Ottawa this summer.



5 Fun Activities to Help You Practice English During Language Camp


  1. Take an English tour at a museum
  • Ask your tour guide questions in English
  • Practice your listening skills
  • Discover fascinating exhibits

Did you know? Ottawa is the home of over 15 museums!

  1. Visit a market
  • Speak with market vendors in English
  • Practice reading English signs
  • Learn the names of goods, fruits, and vegetables in English

Did you know? Ottawa’s famous Byward Market has 260 stands and sees about 50,000 visitors per weekend during the summer.

  1. Visit Canada’s Parliament Buildings
  • Practice your listening skills while taking an English tour
  • See the Sound and Light Show on Parliament Hill, taking place each evening in the summer
  • Learn about Canada’s interesting history

Did you know? Canada was born in 1867 and is celebrating its 150th birthday during the summer of 2017

  1. Play Canadian sports with your new international friends
  • Practice speaking English while playing sports with your new ESL friends
  • Visit Calypso waterpark, the largest waterpark in the country!
  • Play football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, mini golf, and more

Did you know? Carleton University has 4 regulation football fields, 6 indoor tennis courts, and an Olympic-sized pool!

  1. Discover Canada’s Many Wonders During Weekend Excursions
  • Practice English when you visit Montreal, Canada’s cultural capital
  • Discover what life was like for Canadian pioneers at Upper Canada Village
  • Experience Canada’s famous wildlife at beautiful parks

Did you know? Upper Canada Village is one of biggest living-history sites in all of Canada

Through fun activities and new friendships, you can learn English and build memories that will last a lifetime.



esl summer school in Ottawa

Learning English in a classroom can be tough, especially in an environment that isn’t mainly English-speaking. This is why many parents around the world enroll their children in English language summer camps. These camps give students the unique opportunity to travel to a different part of the world, learn about a new culture, and develop strong English skills. Once students return home, they can use those new-found skills to achieve even better grades than before in their English classes.

Read on to discover three ways that ESL camp can help your child improve their English grades once they return home.

1. Summer ESL Courses Help Students Build Up Their Confidence

Self-esteem and confidence directly correlate with a student’s ability to succeed. In fact, several studies have shown a direct positive correlation between confidence and scores. It’s no surprise then that a boost in your child’s confidence can also give their grades a boost too.

While at English summer camp, students participate in a variety of fun learning activities that help them gain confidence in their English skills. These activities are a great opportunity for students to push themselves out of their comfort zone and achieve even more than they thought possible. For example, students at Destination Canada can try public speaking in our International Speech Competition—a fun and challenging event where students plan, develop, and present speeches to their classmates and teachers.

At ESL camp, students learn in a nonjudgemental and supportive environment. Every student is at camp to strengthen their English skills, so they all share a common goal. This fosters an environment where students can grow at their own pace without feeling judged by their peers. Once your child returns home from camp, the confidence they gained will help them excel in their English classes.

english summer camp

Students gain confidence in their English skills with the support of new friends

2. Practical Experience Gained in Summer ESL Courses Can Improve Your Child’s Grades

Anyone trying to learn a new language will receive the same advice: immersion is the most effective way to learn. Summer ESL courses have regular classroom language learning, but they also provide the valuable opportunity to practice English through fun activities like museum visits, shopping trips, and more.

This type of experience is extremely important. Practicing English in an English-speaking environment will rapidly improve your child’s understanding, comprehension, and confidence. This experience is something that will benefit them even after returning home from camp. The skills your child will gain while practicing with real English speakers could drastically improve their English grades.

3. Expert Instruction During Summer ESL Courses Helps Students Improve

A great teacher can make all the difference in a student’s education. That’s why our instructors are all top professionals with university degrees. They even work as teachers in Canada during the regular school year, meaning that they have years of experience working with students.

summer esl courses

Our experienced instructors and staff help students succeed

Expert teachers provide students with important knowledge about the English language. With a strong foundation, students can continue building on their learning even after they return home from camp. In the short two, three, or four weeks your child attends camp, their skills will improve greatly. Your child’s new and improved English skills will help them excel in their English classes long after coming home from ESL camp.

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international english summer school in Canada

Known around the world for its friendliness, inclusivity, and natural beauty, Canada has always had a fantastic reputation. It’s been a favourite destination for a long time. In fact, since 1980, students from all over the world have come to Destination Canada to learn English. If you’ve been considering sending your child to language camp, 2017 might be the best year yet to do so. This year Canada has been deemed the #1 country to visit by both The New York Times and Lonely Planet.

Why is Canada the top destination to travel to in 2017? Read on to discover why this is a big year for Canada.

2017 Brings More Fun Activities Than Ever for Students at Language Camp

This year is an extra special year for Canada. Canadians and visitors across the country will be celebrating the country’s 150th birthday! To celebrate this huge moment in Canada’s history, events have been scheduled all across the country. This is especially true in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city.

Ottawa will be hosting a range of fun, cultural, and educational activities throughout the summer that your child will get to experience at international English summer school in Canada. Your child can look forward to concerts, exhibits, and fairs—all in celebration of Canada’s big day. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to enjoy a big moment in history and be part of the celebrations.

Your Child Can Enjoy Canada’s Diversity at Language Camp

Canada is a vast and diverse country where cultural differences are welcomed and championed. In fact, Canada’s welcoming atmosphere is one of the top reasons why Lonely Planet named it the place to visit this year. Since 1971, Multiculturalism has been an official government policy in Canada, meaning that our nation has a long and proud history of welcoming people from all nations, faiths, and ethnic origins.

2017 is a great year for your child to come to Canada, as the country continues to be a safe and welcoming environment for people from all over the globe. In addition, there’s plenty of Canada’s own diverse culture to be explored.

Your child will learn about Canada’s unique history and cultural heritage while attending language camp in Ottawa. They may also have the chance to explore French Canadian culture while visiting the French-speaking city of Montreal. Don’t let your child miss out on the opportunity to expand their view of the world and learn about Canada’s diverse culture!

language camp

Your child will experience Canada’s cultural diversity while at language camp

Canada is a Beautiful and Clean Destination for Language Camp

Another top reason why Canada is the destination of choice this year is because of its raw natural beauty and cleanliness. Compared to many other countries and cities, Canada has plenty of wide open space and clean fresh air. The city of Ottawa is beautiful and clean, so your child can look forward to spending their summer in a healthy environment with little smog and pollution.

Canada’s beauty is world famous. Breathtaking rivers, landscapes, and mountains draw visitors from all over the world. At ESL summer camp, your child can look forward to experiencing Canada’s beauty during visits to parks, beaches, and more.

english learning for kids in Canada

2017 is the year to enroll your child in language school in Canada

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